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Medical Spa marketing ideas to get more clients (and keep them)

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If you could delegate your tasks to a smarter entity, would you? We sure would, particularly if it results in less human error and reduced overhead costs. For your beauty business to thrive and stay competitive, you need to tap into the power of technology. 
What does this mean exactly? Basically (SPA marketing) streamlining processes by using online booking and scheduling resources to book appointments and manage your beauty business and even staff calendars! 
Let’s delve into the seven reasons you need a scheduling app for your beauty business.

Online appointment booking can help boost sales 
This one is simple. Offering online booking via a Scheduling App is equivalent to having your beauty business open 24/7 — without the operating costs. In fact, When you adopt an online booking and scheduling app, you can experience a rise in new clients by 26%:

To further get booked and busy (and boost sales), programs like Google Reserve are an excellent opportunity to activate. When your search for a scheduling app, make sure that the provider you’ve selected is one of the official partners of Google Reserve. 
Of course, there are other benefits of adopting software, such as a reduction in scheduling and booking administrative time of up to seven hours weekly! 

Makes it easy to upsell earlier 
A scheduling app makes it easier to upsell services, even before your client comes into your salon or spa. This is because it is 14 times easier to sell to existing customers who is already invested in the transaction. 
With the right online booking software, a client can choose multiple services, filter by location (if you have a multi-location business) and select their favourite service provider for each service with a click of a button. To encode promotions for bundle packages, your spa or beauty salon can set up alerts on your online booking widget with things like, “Receive a 10% discount if you book any two services together.”

If you own a salon or are a hairdresser, you know the value in upselling and cross-selling due to procedures like double process (two hair colour services performed during one salon visit). 
Offering an online booking widget to promote multi-service bookings is a smart idea.

Gather live insights 
Did you know there are online booking applications that can capture live insights as clients navigate your website to book services? This information is valuable as it provides insights to the business owner and beauty providers,- such as identifying service that is in high demand and other valuable client data particular to that customer. 
This is only possible if the scheduling app syncs with Google Analytics. It’s simple, free and effective!
Here is how it works,- once a booking Widget is uploaded to your website, you can register for Google Analytics on Google. Once you receive your registration code, it will be incorporated into your booking Widget. As you get bookings on your Widget, Google Analytics is tracking data and creating results for you! 
When it comes to online booking, one of the biggest barriers for small businesses (salons, barbershops, nail salons, and medical spas) is that they do not have a website. In fact, 1 in 4 small businesses doesn’t have a website. Select a scheduling software that will help you build a website or in the most simple way, insert your booking link within your social media profiles. 

Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations 
We were surprised to find out the extreme burden of no-shows and last minutes cancellations on salon owners and business owners (in general). 
“Some weeks the effects [of cancellations] have been huge. I had a week recently where I lost over $600 due to last-minute cancellations,” says Jemma, the owner of a home-based clinic Soulflower Studio. 
That really sucks but the solution is simple since incorprating a scheduling app can eliminate revenue loss by 86%! How? By activating the custom appointment reminder emails and text messages, clients are reminded of their appointments in advance. 
Even better, securing a fulfilled time slot is easy with a scheduling app,- simply request a pre-deposit fee before the appointment can be confirmed. 
Here is a tip: set up alerts on your booking widget and encode your salon cancellations policies to avoid tricky situations. 

Collecting payments is easier with payment processing integrations 
You can easily collect payment online by using a scheduling app integrated with an online payment processing platform. Payment Processing makes it easy to collect payments with lower fees and even encourages clients to pay in advance. 
This tactic leads to a healthier cash flow for your beauty business and more importantly, you can experience a decrease in no-shows and last-minute cancellations. Other benefits of an online payment processing and point-of-sale system include:
● An easy and seamless checkout process 
● Flexible payment options accepting all types of cards, cash, and customizing prices and tips during checkout 
● Pre-deposit payments 
● Clean invoicing and precise tracking of money received 
● Payment reminder for outstanding invoices 

Virtual services can increase revenue 
There has been a significant shift in consumer shopping habits and demands. Today, we are interested in nesting at home and surging online. A survey conducted by shows us that the Covid-19 pandemic changed aspects of consumer habits across various areas of life: 

Personally, I am guilty of not giving my coins to a salon that requires in-person consultations and then requires a second appointment for the actual service. That is too many trips back and forth.
Now, if they had offered virtual appointments for the initial consultation, I would be ecstatic to give them my business as they are saving me time and money. 
Just take a look at this virtual meeting solution: The aesthetics nurse is performing a follow-up consultation via video and uploads before and after images of the procedure to assimilate the client’s progress. Virtual consultations and follow-ups provide convenience for the client and even help improve the procedural safety of cosmetic injections. 

CRM boosts customer satisfaction 
What many businesses tend to overlook is that the most valuable data they have access to drives from one of their biggest assets – their clients. It is easy to collect the information, but managing the data and using it to build customer relationships is another. This is why you need a CRM system for your beauty business. 
Think about it,- when was the last time you went to a hair salon and they knew exactly the blend of shades used to get that beautiful tortoiseshell hair colour, or if you were allergic to a certain product? Here is a good one — when was the last time your beauty provider prepared in advance because they knew what you wanted before even greeting you? 
With CRM software already integrated into the scheduling app, get secure access to client details, e- forms, and appointment histories online and in one glance:

Wrapping it up 
To succeed in your beauty business, integration with technology is prominent. To summarize, here are the seven reasons you need a scheduling app for your beauty business: 

  1. Online appointment booking can help boost sales 
  2. Makes it easy to upsell earlier 
  3. Gather live insights 
  4. Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations 
  5. Collecting payments is easier with payment processing integrations 
  6. Virtual services can increase revenue 
  7. CRM boosts customer satisfaction 
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    Author’s Bio: Taraneh Nasseri is a content creator and product marketer within the software industry. When she is not delving into the creativity of research and writing, she enjoys playing tennis and studying marketing automation.

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