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One of the city’s most prominent landmarks, Ekana Sportz City is home to various beneficial amenities. The Ekana Sportz City is the pinnacle of luxury with all of your needs met in one central location, and it is quickly becoming a significant sports hub in the State of Uttar Pradesh. Ekana Sportz City is a great example of a modern, lavish way of life, with a wide range of sports facilities, leisure activities, and professional needs, as well as its recreational zones.  It has brought a new era to the City of Nawabs, one with unparalleled sports and leisure experiences thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities.

Ekana International Cricket Stadium

A colloquial sporting arena

Along the banks of the Gomti River stands a world-class cricket stadium, a fitting tribute to the country’s passionate cricket fan base. The Ekana International Cricket Stadium is one of the largest cricket stadiums in India and the first of its kind in Lucknow. It can accommodate a whopping 50,000 spectators. Approximately 137 acres in size, this venue is fit to host the biggest international cricket matches in any format, and is ready to delight players and spectators alike. 

Club Ekana

An emphasis on modern health, comfort, and leisure

The Ekana Club is a modern hybrid of entertainment, health, and leisure options, and a landmark in the sense that it provides a single destination for all of your needs. Everything from state-of-the-art sports arenas to sophisticated fitness centres and luxurious services like on-site restaurants, childcare, and social events are included in these high-end facilities. Enjoy indoor and outdoor stadiums, fitness studios, Spa and meditation rooms, lounges, diners, bars, a kid’s zone, meeting and banquet halls, and much more at Ekana Club, where you can also indulge in sports, wellness, and pleasure while upgrading your corporate conferences.

Why Ekana Sports City?

It’s a Sporting Leisure Wellness Corporation.

One of the state governments of Uttar Pradesh’s dream projects, Ekana Sportz City is a 137-acre sports-inspired community in the city of Nawabs that includes a residential, commercial, hotel, and hospital, as well as an international cricket stadium, an indoor multisport stadium, and a multisport outdoor ground with a running track.

The project plans to build a sports complex on 71 acres of land and a real estate complex on 66 acres in Lucknow’s Gomti Nagar Extension which includes :-

  • An International Cricket Stadium
  • Outdoor Cricket 7 net practice boxes.
  • Outdoor Football ground.
  • Air-conditioned Indoor multi sports complex
  • Residential Group Housing / Villas
  • Commercial boasting of Retail Mall with Multiplex & Commercial Spaces
  • Five Star Hotels
  • State of the art Health care facilities
  • Finest Educational facilities
  • Landscaping being conceived by expert from Singapore
  • Secured and gated community with multi level security system.

Ekana Mall


The city’s former royal culture has given way to a contemporary metropolis with an overwhelming number of retail outlets, workplaces, and entertainment possibilities both during the day and at night. As construction begins on the Ekana Mall, Lucknow residents can prepare to see their wildest dreams become a reality in the state’s premier leisure, entertainment, and tourism destination. Customers of all genders, of differing ages, and with diverse hobbies will find something of interest at the new facility.

The Ekana Mall will include an unprecedented number of attractions with retail and office arcades together with entertainment and food zones, making it a one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted hub of pure family amusement and relaxation with worldwide appeal.

An urban enclave where needs are met and wants are satisfied; a synonym for the finest retail experiences.

A truly extraordinary adventure Increase in Shops

Extreme shopping The dawn of a brand-new era in shopping

The Ekana Mall will have everything a shopper might want, thanks to its extensive collection of well-known labels. The commercial mall will have a wide variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options from across the world. The Ekana Mall will be the best shopping destination for you and your loved ones thanks to its profusion of stores selling a wide range of goods.

Radical Retail/ Anchor Retail Stores

Minimarts for ultra-convenience – A sensational cross-section for the ultimate shopping extravaganza.

Hyper Stores – Everyday destination for everything you need An expansive retail facility home to a wide range of products under one roof.

Superb Gondolas

Larger-than-life gondola rides in the Venetian style The Ekana Mall’s Gondola ride will be a highlight of the mall’s presentation of first-rate, above-average amenities. In the midst of Ekana’s masterful building of great architecture, this one-of-a-kind ride provides a welcome reprieve. While debating what to buy at the mall, you and your loved ones can experience the enchantment of Italy by boating along its tranquil waterways. 

Luxurious dining spots

Luxurious Restaurants Serving Timeless Dishes to Satisfy Your Epicurean Senses The Ekana Mall is getting ready to open a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to cater to the mall’s large clientele. Our gourmet centres provide the finest of both local and foreign cuisines, served with impeccable service in an elegant setting.

Food Court

Food Court – Savoury treats with a friendly face The forthcoming food court at The Ekana mall will provide guests who are in a hurry with a variety of options, competitive prices, and speedy service.

Nightlife Avenues

The Rhythm of a Global City at Night The tavern at Ekana Mall will offer opulent nightlife for the people of Lucknow. Experience the joy of true party animals as you bask in the dazzling array of lights, sounds, and decor.

Playzones & Rides

Fun and Excite the Kids with Playgrounds and Rides The Ekana mall will serve as a fantastic play-center for kids thanks to the presence of amusement attractions and play areas available there. Spending time with your kids should be a happy, exciting adventure that everyone remembers fondly.

Gaming Arcades

Gaming Arcades – A world of competitive gaming A daytime diversion like no other, explore Ekana Mall’s gaming arcade with video games for a friendly competition. Whether for virtual racing or bowling, in for a few minutes or a whole day, our premium gaming lounge will stimulate wholesome attractions through an emotionally enriching gaming environment.

Massive Multiplexes

Big movie theatres are an entire entertainment ecosystem unto themselves. The Ekana mall will feature many theatres for pure entertainment, in addition to the interesting and large selection of stores. The modern movie theatre has all the amenities a family might want, including a wide selection of fast food restaurants.

Luxurious Lounges

The lounge in Ekana mall is a great place to relax and have casual discussions while indulging in some of the mall’s finer amenities. A private haven of luxury where you and your loved ones may relax in elegance and comfort while enjoying a wide range of delectable treats is at the very core of this luxurious establishment. Spa Rejuvenating Healing Resort

Experience the art of relaxation

Ekana’s Ayurvedic Spa is where you may learn the fine art of unwinding and revitalising. Our mastery of this ancient practise allows us to offer you a really transformative experience through rejuvenating and relaxing Ayurvedic therapies.

Commercial Spaces

Retail Establishments: The Plush Setting for Prosperous Efforts Ekana provides commercial spaces tailored to the needs of medium and big businesses with a wide range of operations. These areas, which are being meticulously crafted and set up, are intended to inspire both innovation and efficiency.

Gold Souk Rooftop Resto-Bar

Sky-High Bar and Restaurant: a Painter’s Palette in the Clouds The rooftop restaurant and sky bar atop The Ekana Mall will be known for its superior service and sophisticated ambiance, providing patrons with a breathtaking view of the city below. The Ultimate Shopping Stop Profitable for Investors, Merchants, and Corporations alike.

In order to provide the best possible experiences for both shoppers and merchants, Ekana Mall’s retail floor plans were carefully thought out and planned. The Ekana Mall enjoys a prime location, with a steady stream of customers throughout the day because to its proximity to both high-end neighbourhoods and the emerging IT sector in Lucknow’s urban core. The mall’s many entry points and exits allow for a smooth flow of traffic and a fair distribution of shoppers.

Retailers and investors can cash in on the booming entertainment and leisure industry in this facility because to the abundance of high-quality spaces available at reasonable rates and minimal upkeep requirements.

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