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How a ecommerce app helps increase sales

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The number of Internet and mobile app users is constantly growing. The smartphone is now the most common platform for accessing the Internet. More than 60% of users search for goods and services online, and about 50% of users make purchases on it. Why should you know what the ecommerce app cost is right now?

The App Store and Google Play have published a huge number. Consumer spending by platform is increasing year over year. The average time users spend in stores is about two hours a day. Let’s talk about why ecommerce app costs are fully justified today. 

Increasing sales

Nowadays, the sale of services and goods through the Internet is a priority for any successfully developing business. The number of potential customers who can have your business right in their pocket is constantly increasing.

Developing for business is one of the modern and effective ways to increase sales. Investing in an ecommerce app costs will fully pay for itself. But first you need to understand how necessary it is for your business.

For the ecommerce app cost to justify itself, answer the questions:

  • Who is your business’ target audience?
  • What do they expect from your brand, how active are they on smartphones and the Internet? For example, public sector companies are more conservative, and the retired audience is not inclined to use products.
  • Do you plan to develop and maintain?
  • Are you ready to invest in promotion and analytics? The market knows many examples of abandoned applications which the owner stopped supporting due to lack of finances, lack of creative ideas and mistakes in promotion.

If you have answered these key questions and concluded that your business needs a project, you can expect to increase sales after launching a quality.

Does an ecommerce app cost expensive? 

You often hear that ecommerce app costs are too high, and that’s partly true. But let’s face it, a website is expensive too, and maintaining it is expensive, and so is promoting it. In general, “expensive” is not a metric for business; there is another one that works here – profitability.

There are probably a few categories of online stores for which a project would be a good investment: clothing, cosmetics, food, books. For example, shipping a slate through an app is absurd; don’t give in to mass hysteria. By researching your site visit analytics, as I described above, you can allocate one or two categories if it’s really relevant to you. The product is a working tool, but it’s not a panacea that will work for everyone and it’s important to understand that.

How to increase sales with ecommerce app

For the ecommerce app cost to pay for itself and for the project to attract new customers and bring in additional revenue, there are several important things to consider when designing and developing it:

  • Push notifications are one of the main tools for communicating with the customer. You can use them to remind the customer about yourself, inform them about new promotions, discounts, arrivals, as well as help track the order.
  • Loyalty program – show loyal customers that they are important to you. Through the app, you can collect points and bonuses that will serve as a reason to come back to the store.
  • QR coupons – offer your customers a discount by scanning a QR coupon. Interesting promotions using a coupon are the way to increase sales.
  • Direct call feature – some customers prefer to call the organization instead of filling out forms and sending messages. By implementing this feature, you will have this audience.
  • Reviews tab – Most customers look for product/service reviews before they buy. Make getting information about a product comfortable and convenient by adding reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Gallery – showcase your products and services to the customer. Visual information is perceived much easier and will help to induce a purchase.
  • Feedback form – thanks to the form, the client can quickly contact the manager of the company for advice or help.
  • Share button – social functions are very popular with smartphone users. With this button, you can get your brand mentioned on social networks.
  • Use games – games are liked by most smartphone users. Use the game to attract new customers, and convert the results and points in the game into discounts and gifts in your store.
  • Payment security – according to statistics, about a third of customers are afraid to use online payment. Pay special attention to payment security to avoid unpleasant situations and establish yourself as a reliable brand.

Each of these points affects ecommerce app cost. 

The ecommerce app cost should be high. A quality product will allow your business to:

  • Enhance your company’s image.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Raise customer loyalty to a new level.
  • Work in the interests of target consumers.
  • To reach a continuous communication with the client.
  • Increase sales.

How to promote a project so that it brings profit

For the app to start bringing in new customers, you need to promote it properly.

  • Work with reviews on Google Play and the App Store. The higher the app is in the stores, the more downloads it gets. An app will stay at the top if it has a high rating, a detailed description, scores, and user reviews. The quality images and icons and the number of comments are also important.
  • Promote through your website and thematic portals. Post a news story or create a separate page dedicated to the release. Create a thread in industry-specific forums and post notes on popular sites.
  • Invest in promotional articles, native, and contextual ads, and promotion in social networks to reach as wide an audience as possible.
  • With competent development and promotion of a project, you can count on an increase in sales of services and goods. Is a relatively new tool for interacting with customers, which increases their loyalty and allows you to reach a new level of trust between the business and the audience.

You can calculate the ecommerce app cost and order the development in one of the many studios, which are engaged in implementing such projects. Remember that you need a team of experienced developers, who have completed many projects.

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