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10 Ways to Live a Less Stressful Life 

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Some people believe that life and stress are two separate terms while others totally disagree with them. I promote the point of view of the latter as in my dictionary, they are the same terms with different meanings. Infact it would not be wrong to say that where there is a life there is stress or the  stress is the mandatory part of life. 

People who are forced to live a stressful life are actually brought up with misconceptions that life is a bed of roses. They are left unfamiliar with the bitter reality that life is actually an ocean of hardships. However, this ocean of hardships can be turned into a bed of roses if you are familiarized with the following 10 steps in order to live a less stressful life: 

  1. Understand the Reality of Life 

In order to live a comfortable life the first step should be the self-assessment and understanding the bitter truth of life. There is hardly any person in the globe whose life is free from stress and hardships. Every second person in the world is dealing with anxiety and discomfort due to stress. Psychological issues and mental disorders have become common these days. So, firstly you have to deeply analyse that what life is and you are not alone here suffering from hardships and difficulties. This is the best way to counsel yourself and eliminates the need of a psychiatrist to do so. 

  1. Have a Healthy Dietary Intake 

According to health specialists, a healthy dietary intake maintains the normal release of dopamine which is the stress-releasing hormone. Normal release of dopamine permits you to live a healthy, comfortable and less stressful life. The stress-relieving diet includes: 

  • Dark Chocolates are rich in antioxidants which serves for relieving stress.
  • Yogurt contains stress-relieving fermented products such as bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. 
  • Spinach is one of the commonest sources of magnesium which prevents headache and fatigue, symptoms related to stress. 
  • Citrus Fruits are rich in vitamin C which effectively lowers the levels of stress. 
  • Almonds promote the normal brain functioning. Normal release of dopamine is one of them which reduces stress. 
  • Oily Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon and tuna which maintains the flow of stress releasing hormone. 
  1. Minimize your Screen Time 

Excessive use of smartphones, tablets or laptops is the leading cause of stress and anxiety these days. According to health professionals, the excess exposure of your eyes to the high radiofrequency waves emitting from the screens of electronic devices causes headache maybe due to near or far sightedness and eventually results in discomfort and anxiety. Moreover, spending excess time on social media causes you to live in a fake world full of unnecessary comparison. Also the discontentment from the nature leads you to live an artificial life full of unusual stress and anxiety. 

  1. Say “NO” to Drugs and Additives 

Presently, the excess intake of drugs containing high levels of nicotine and caffeine is the emerging cause of anxiety in youth. Health experts states that dependency of someone’s life on anything can cause anxiety. A drug addict eventually starts believing that his/her life is dependent on the particular stuff to which he/she is addicted. In this case if he/she is not counselled in time can result in serious mental and physical health issues. Moreover, intake of some particular drugs like cocaine and morphine effects the part of the brain which responds to stress. So, a drug addictive person is forced to live a stressful and unpleasant life. 

  1. Stop Overthinking 

Overthinking gives you nothing but depression. Many mental health issues are due to overthinking and overestimation. It is a destructive habit which focuses one’s brain to think negative, live in the past, and worry about the future. To overcome this habit you have to control your brain and don’t let it to control you. If you find self-counselling not a solution in this case then mind therapists are available which can help you coming out of this trap. 

  1. Take Exercise on Regular Basis 

To keep your brain in best of its health develop a habit of taking exercise regularly. Morning or evening walk on regular basis is also worth-mentioning in this case. Physical activities accelerates your endorphins which are the brain’s good-feel neurotransmitters. In this way, it can help preventing the negative impacts of stress and boosts up your mood. Moreover, exercise not only improves your mental health but also keeps you fit physically. 

  1. Follow 8-Hour Sleep Cycle 

Health experts advice to adopt 8-hour sleep cycle at night. Getting normal sleep allows you to deal efficiently with stress and anxiety. It is the only way to give rest to your brain and body. It improves your concentration level, boosts up your mood, grants self-confidence, and promotes decision-making power. Moreover, a good night’s sleep keeps your mind fresh and enables you to deal with stress more efficiently. 

  1. Sleep and Wake up Early 

The nature has designed day for work and night for rest. Opposing the nature by sleeping and waking up behind time gives a negative effect to your brain and retards its effectiveness. Waking up early gives you a plenty of time to do things with a fresh and fully charged mind. It has been observed that the people who sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning are more active and sharp mentally and physically. 

  1. Practice to be a Nature Lover 

Spending time in nature gives a healthy impact to your brain. Studies revel that greenery freshens your mind and cheers your mood. This is the reason why rural life is more peaceful and stress-free as compared to the urban. People living in rural areas are more close to the nature. They enjoy fresh and pollution-free environment which keeps them fresh mentally as well as physically. Whereas, urban residents are away from the nature and their greater ratio fall prey of mental health issues. 

  1. Keep your Mind Busy 

A busy mind is more attentive than an idle one. The brain is the only thing which becomes sharper by keeping it busy and utilizing it for positive purposes. It is the best way to prevent overthinking and keeping miles away the stress and anxiety. An idle mind is at a greater risk to fall prey to mental health disorders because something hollow can easily be filled up with anxiety. It is just like a hollow fruit which can be easily filled with something unhealthy and harmful. 

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