Things to in France and tour de France

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If you are looking for your upcoming vacation or adventure in France?

It can be challenging to choose what to do in France because the country is filled with so many intriguing areas, stunning scenery, and innumerable French landmarks.

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We might be able to help, though, if what you’re looking for are the best things to do in France to sate your appetite for adventure, enthrall the senses, or simply have a good time.

In order to help you plan your trip to this wonderful nation, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous, lovely, exciting, and breathtaking things to do and see in France. How many have you crossed off your list thus far?  If you love exploring and visiting new places and new things to do in new places and know about them then travel with Air Dolomiti where you will get discounts and the best deals on flight booking their policy are also flexible so you can make changes in the future through Air Dolomiti Manage Booking section on the official website.

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1. Be Moved by Mont Saint Michel

Be moved through the surprise of the Western world, Mont Saint-Michel, one of the pinnacle locations in northern France. This remarkable Benedictine abbey, a place of pilgrimage, is located on a rocky island at the confluence of the Couesnon and Couesnon rivers in Normandy and Brittany. high tides, which make the abbey inaccessible for some hours and offer Mont Saint-Michel a spectacular putting, are commonplace in the place.

2. A Royal Day in Versailles

One of the must-see attractions in France on any trip to Paris is the Palace of Versailles, a marvel of French baroque architecture. Visit the magnificent chambers and halls of the Palace, where three French kings and their courts formerly resided. Then, perhaps on two wheels or in a rowboat, explore the exquisite French-style gardens, with their lovely fountains and groves, as well as the area surrounding the Grand Canal.

3. Normandy D-Day Landing Beaches

The largest seaborne invasion in history was the Normandy Landing Operations. On Tuesday, June 6, 1944, the Allies invaded the Normandy beaches (Omaha, Utah, Sword Gold, and Juno Beach), marking the beginning of the liberation of Nazi-occupied France (and eventually, Europe). The most well-liked day tours from Paris are to the Normandy D-day Landing Beaches. However, if you have the opportunity, take a multi-day road trip to explore the region and pay a visit to the beaches, certain war graves, and memorials.

4. Climb Up the Eiffel Tower

The trip to the top of Paris’ most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower. It is always at the top of any traveler’s wish list. Amazing views may be seen from the top of the Eiffel Tower, especially around dusk. A fascinating museum about the history of the Eiffel Tower and its construction is also located on the second floor. To purchase your tickets to the Eiffel Tower, click here.

tour de France

In just 23 days, approximately 200 cyclists compete in the event, which is typically held in July.

While the majority of the event takes place in France’s towns, cities, countryside, and mountains, it frequently begins elsewhere. You can watch it for free, but you’ll need to there early to beat the crowds and find a space to stand. Do you know your polka dot from your yellow jersey then? Your flat from your mountain stage? If not, Newsround is available to assist you in enjoying this thrilling race.

In essence, it’s a sizable bicycle race around France!

They only have two days off to relax because there are millions of spectators along the route, which is made up of 21 stages raced over 23 days.

The Tour has 22 teams from all around the world, each with a maximum of nine riders.

Over the duration of the race, the riders go at an average speed of about 25 mph, but there are periods when they exceed that speed—sometimes by more than 70 mph!

Have you ever questioned why cyclists are so lean? It’s fair to say that it’s a good way to stay in shape. You could burn up to 118,000 calories if you complete the grueling Tour.

That amounts to 26 chocolate bars every day!

It’s possible for cyclists to compete for each stage victory or to gain the right to do one of the coveted jerseys, which can change hands frequently throughout the race:

The points prize is the green jersey. Being among the first riders to cross the finish line on each stage earns you points. Sprinters typically take first place.

The tour is noted for its uphill battles as well as its pursuit of the fastest speeds. The best rider on those stages wins a stylish red and white polka dot jersey. The riders ascend thousands of meters up Alpine slopes.

The best rider under 25 years old. Who wears the white jersey, gets recognized.

But the yellow reward is the one everyone desires.

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