Learn To Draw Sonic Easy Drawing | Tutorial

Learn To Draw Sonic Easy Drawing | Tutorial

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Easy Drawing your child enjoys watching cartoons; you’ve come to the correct place today. Today, we’ll show you how to support your child in becoming a terrific Sonic superstar. Do your children adore playing and seeing these animations? If the answer to today’s question is yes, you and your child will enjoy making this craft. Easy Drawing grab your crayons and pencils to learn about the animation of the Hedgehog. Ask your child who their favorite Sonic character is as well.

Guide to Drawing

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main character and star of the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega, as well as various spin-off comics, animations, and other media. He is a blue hedgehog who can run at supersonic speeds and curl into a ball. He mostly uses these abilities to attack foes and find gold rings.

Sonic fans now have a helpful lesson to help them draw his intricate characteristics. His distinctive cool animated film look requires his extraordinary animated film eyes, hairline, and clothing. Drawing any of these components with their assistance isn’t difficult, but it helps to know where to place each one, especially when you’re painting someone who never seems to stop moving.

The Hedgehog Drawing Process?


  • Start by sketching a circle just to the left of the page to represent Sonic the Hedgehog. This will be Sonic the Hedgehog’s head’s default form.


  • Draw two intersecting lines, one vertical and one horizontal, that bend to the shape of the sphere in step two. Draw the vertical line close to the left edge and the horizontal line low on the circle.


  • Next, make two triangles that will serve as Sonic the Hedgehog’s ears on the top of his head. Next, draw the right triangle inside his skull and the left on the top left side of his head.
  • Draw a wavy line that begins at Sonic the Hedgehog’s left ear, curves down toward the horizontal building line, back up toward the right ear, dips down and rests on the top of the horizontal building line to fill in the details for his eyes. When completed, the design will resemble an S turned sideways.


  • Sketch Sonic the Hedgehog’s nostril as an oval slanted and placed near the point where the two development strands converge. Next, draw the nostrils, so they go beyond the critical circle’s portion.
  • Make a backward C-shaped curve directly behind the wavy line of his eyes to create a cheek line. Draw a tilted letter D for Sonic the Hedgehog’s mouth to the left of this line.


  • Sketch three triangles to represent the spikes on the lower rear of Sonic the Hedgehog’s head in advance courses. One spike should be drawn on the right side of his head’s crown and touch the right ear’s tip.
  • The final spike should point down and stop hitting the lower portion of his cheek line. Next, draw the middle spike, just slightly pointing downward.


  • Completes the initial Sonic the Hedgehog concept from the Sega video games! Now that you have the basic Sonic the Hedgehog shape goes in and makes your drawing more precise.
  • To create darker strokes and a more detailed sketch from this element, press harder with your pencil.


  • As it gets closer to Sonic the Hedgehog’s face, tighten the nostril’s structure and draw it skinnier. Then, to highlight glare, draw a little oval inside of it.


  • Draw Sonic’s snout using the horizontal development line and the anatomy of his head as suggestions. It resembles a dog almost exactly. Then, by giving it an additional curve and adding a chortle line to the top, tighten Sonic the Hedgehog’s mouth. Draw two curves within his mouth: one under his tongue and one near the peak of his teeth.


  • To represent Sonic the Hedgehog’s furrowed brow, deepen the wavy line that forms his eyes and draw a thicker line through the middle of them. Next, draw a large curve representing Sonic’s relaxed brow above each of his eyes. Finally, create the curve on the left, so it slightly departs from the crucial circle.


  • Close the crucial circle’s portion under Sonic the Hedgehog’s left brow to complete designing his eyes in step 10. Draw three large ovals, one in the center, inside each other, on the proper surface of his eyes. These are going to be his pupils, irises, and glare.
  • A huge portion of the left eye will be concealed using Sonic’s brow. I’m done now! Sonic the Hedgehog from the Sega video games looks fantastic now that you have it.

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