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How to Draw A Spider Easily

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How to Draw A Spider. Spiders are creatures that have a very mixed reputation around the world.

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On the one hand, millions of people are scared, and on the other hand, some people think they’re cool and even keep them as pets!

It doesn’t matter if you are afraid of them and want to face your fears or love these eight-legged creatures; you might have wanted to learn how to draw one but don’t know where to start.

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We’ve created this how-to-draw-a-spider guide in just 8 easy steps so you can draw your spooky arachnid in no time!

How to Draw A Spider

Step 1

We’ll start with your spider’s abdomen in step 1 of this how-to guide on how to draw a spider. The belly is the back end of the spider, and we will draw it with a long oval shape.

The shape will not have a bodice; we will add another body part above this section. Once it looks like the reference photo, you can move to step 2!

Step 2

Using the space, you previously left in the upper abdomen, let’s draw a body and go to your spider drawing.

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The body is round and almost circular. However, a small but long nub should be your spider’s head at the top of the shape.

Step 3

If there’s one thing we know about spiders, they’re famous for having eight legs. That’s why we’ll draw some of them for this step of our how-to-draw-a-spider guide!

Before you draw those legs, add two spooky pliers near the top of the headpiece.

With those drawn, you can then draw two legs near the front. As you can see in the reference image, these front legs extend right next to the pincer.

They consist of three sausage-like shapes that connect.

Step 4

We will add more legs to your spider design in the next few steps. For now, add two slightly curved legs below the two front ones you drew in the previous steps.

These are slightly longer than the front legs, so look closely at the reference images for the accuracy of the various lengths.

Step 5

We weren’t kidding when we said spiders have lots of legs to draw! For step 5 of this tutorial on how to draw a spider, let’s add another line.

These will be even longer than the previous row. Each of these legs still has three sections, regardless of their length.

Step 6

In this step, we will finish the legs of your spider design. These still have 3 sections, which are slightly shorter at the end than the other segments.

These legs are also angled slightly differently, extending back towards the tip of the abdomen. With all 8 legs in place and accounted for, we can move on to the final details!

Step 7

Your spider drawing already looks spooky and cool, but we can make it even better with some final touches!

Draw A Spider

Spiders are also known to have eight eyes, so be sure to draw some for your spider at the end of its head.

Then it’s just a matter of finishing touches! In our image, we used a lot of smaller lines to give the spider a hairy look.

Some spiders, like the fearsome tarantula, have quite hairy bodies. So if you want to make your spider even scarier, you can add many more lines for a very hairy look!

Step 8

This is the final stage of this how-to draw-a-spider guide, and it’s fun! Now that you’ve drawn an amazing spider, you can have fun coloring it.

Spider Drawing

We only showed you one way to color your scary arachnid, but this is a step where you can get creative!

Spiders come in all shapes, colors, and patterns, so there’s no wrong way to color this creepy spider.

Once you’ve decided on your colors, you can use different artistic mediums like paint, watercolor, or colored pencils to give your spider an awesome look!

Your Spider Drawing is Finished!

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