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How to Change Author In WordPress Post

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Have you ever felt the need to remove your name as the author from a WordPress post? But as soon as you try to change the WordPress display author name, you become confused.

Well, there could be some justifications for changing a WordPress post’s author. As an illustration, your prior author quit your company. You should now add the new author’s name to one of his previously authored pieces that were written by someone else.

Alternatively, you should use the name of another author to appear in place of the WordPress user who uploaded the content. There might be a lot more similar situations.

Fortunately, you have a few ways to modify, change, and edit a WordPress post’s author. Which route you take is entirely up to you. In this article, we’ll demonstrate five distinct methods for completing your assignment quickly and easily.

How to Change the WordPress Display Author Name?

Log into your WordPress admin panel to change the author in the WordPress name of your intriguing post. Next, choose All Posts and look for the post you wish to edit.

Toggle to Quick Edit. You’ll find an Author field here. Select the new author’s name from the drop-down option at this point.

Lastly, select Update.

Some Other Ways to Change the WordPress Display Author Name of Post

Here, we’ll go through four distinct approaches to changing the WordPress display author name on your website. You can select any of the following alternatives, depending on the case for which you wish to change the name:

Make sure the user(s) are registered as Authors on your WordPress website before proceeding, though. If not, adding a new user is simple by going to Users > Add New on the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Include all the necessary details. Don’t forget to select Author from the drop-down menu when setting the user role.

Once finished, move forward by clicking “Add New User.”

You may easily specify authorship per article once you’ve added each of your authors to WordPress.

1. Change the Author Name from WordPress Block Editor

Go to All posts on the WordPress Dashboard after logging in. Then select the article whose author you want to modify.

An editing panel is located on the screen’s right side. You can choose the Author option under the Status & Visibility header by selecting the Document tab. Here, a drop-down menu allows you to select a different author.

To put the change into effect, choose your preferred author and press the Update button.

2. Modify the author of bulk posts

Let’s say one of your blog contributors stops writing for you. You now wish to appoint another blogger to write his stuff. You can modify in bulk rather than look through each article individually.

Access All Posts. Select all of the posts whose authors you want to modify after that. or choose them all by pressing Title.

Select Edit from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu after that, then press Apply.

A window with many options will appear. The Author field is displayed here, followed by a drop-down selection.

In this case, you can only add one new author to the blog you’ve chosen. As a result, you must repeat the operation many times if you want to allocate several blogs to various writers.

3. In WordPress posts, hide or delete the authors.

You might not always want to have your author’s name visible. You can be the lone author on your website or want readers to concentrate solely on your writing. On your WordPress website, you can quickly add or hide an author bio box.

You must modify your site’s theme to manually hide your author’s information from any post.

On your dashboard, select Appearance and then Appearance Customize. Then navigate to the Customizer’s Additional CSS section by scrolling down:

4. Modify a WordPress author’s username

The display name of an author may occasionally need to be updated in certain circumstances. It could be that you prefer to use a fancy or fictitious moniker associated with their job rather than their actual name. Or they want to display their new name on their postings because they legally changed it. A writer may also request the use of a pen name to establish a distinctive identity that they utilize everywhere they work.

Whatever the cause, you can complete this task with just a few clicks. Go to the ‘Users’ menu on your WordPress dashboard. Choose the user whose name you want to modify. After that, a window with settings relating to the author’s complete information will appear.

Choose “Display name publicly as,” then type the name you want your readers to see.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is renowned for being user-friendly. Additionally, you can simply find all the tutorials on the company’s official website or any other reliable platform, such as its forum. On WordPress, it’s quite simple to change an author’s details or assign an existing post to another author. If you have any other query related to WordPress you can visit the WP Global Support site.

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