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Exclusive Dissertation Editing Tips by an Ex-Professor: Secret to Dissertation Approval

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I know your pain when you are going through the dissertation editing. It is hard when you have already spent time conducting research, statistical analysis, and writing your manuscripts. You feel drained and out of energy to add a more keen view to your dissertation editing. At this time, you need a lot of courage to carry the burden with you and play a final short that hits six.

Being an Ex-Professor, I remember when I had to read students’ poorly edited drafts. Seriously, it is too annoying. As a teacher, my job was not to provide dissertation editing services but to guide them. It’s frustrating to see the students sometimes not pay attention to dissertation editing. 

I admit that dissertation editing is a time-consuming and tiring job. Because a flawless dissertation is necessary for achieving success in the academic career. It is a nightmare for research scholars when they find their hard-written dissertation is full of errors. The errors may include inadequate sentence structure, non-academic word usage, punctuation errors, spacing issues, redundancy, and many more. 

From an expert point of view, a dissertation can develop or ruin your academic career. I know the dissertation editing process causes panic for university students. To achieve a masterpiece, editing and refining the dissertation are necessary. One must be knowledgeable in editing, tactics, and styles. 

Most importantly, you may come across the questions below while writing essays and research papers. You have already experienced concern about some of the following:

  • Did I clearly explain all of my ideas?
  • Does this manuscript contain academically-written words? 
  • Does it comply with the proper guidelines?
  • Does it contain any grammar issues?
  • Are references added correctly?

During the dissertation, these questions become even more important. The writing demands are high, and the content is complex. This work will count the most for your academic success. It is your creation, and you won’t have the end product be amazing. 

Based on my experience, I have enlisted some pro tips to help you master your dissertation editing

Tips For Editing Your Dissertation

To give your best shot, you must remember your goal, submitting a well-written argument that excites readers without errors. During writing, be mindful of your content and how you present it. Below is a list of some top-notch tips for you.

Decide Your Document Manager From The Beginning 

I have seen students not write their dissertations in an organized way. This becomes difficult in the editing process. You have to decide whether you like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You must also consult your dissertation supervisor to know which word processor you choose. 

Various electronic tools are available, including Mendeley, Zotero, and Endnote. They can improve your academic writing process. If you are not well aware of these tools, spend time attaining familiarity with these tools. 

Identify Your Editing Style 

Dissertation Editing As A Complete Manuscript

Throughout this academic journey, the one mistake students make is not adhering to good writing and grammatical rules. So I created some scenarios that you can choose best in your favour. You can edit your dissertation as one unit if you are familiar with editing rules. You must comprehensively check a draft to see whether it makes a solid argument. Your dissertation title and content must go side by side. Modify your content or title if you have transferred your focus. Put your focus on writing to ensure you have eradicated the confusion among readers. 

Additionally, dissertation editing is a tricky thing. If you remove one word or picture, it might disturb the whole formatting and picture placement throughout the document. Great attention to detail is required to complete this task. 

Dissertation Editing In Segments, Groups And Paragraphs/Sentences 

The segregation of your dissertation can help do good editing if you find it difficult to edit your dissertation as a whole. You can give a thorough read to your manuscript to identify whether the content relates to this section or not. You can also go editing in pairs. You can make pairs of introduction and conclusion, methodology and analysis, and results and discussion to ensure consistency in writing. You can mention the aims and objectives of your study in the abstract. 

It would help if you also focused on editing each paragraph or sentence. It would help if you focused on establishing a real connection between the two concepts. Whatever choice you make, you need to focus on the following: 

  • Checking grammar and spelling
  • Percentage of active and passive voice sentences 
  • Match and count the number of your references 
  • Always check plagiarism 

Maintain Academic Tone 

Usually, students do not know the difference between academic writing and the formal writing they usually read. You must know your subject area and its specifications before finalizing your draft. Natural science students use different tones than arts students. Their writing style and explanation of the argument are different. Usually, academic writing avoids too conversational language while maintaining a degree of formality.  

Practice Time Management And Achieve Deadlines 

Time management is the key to success, especially when undergoing dissertation editing. To effectively complete your dissertation, make a plan for yourself ahead of the deadline. Establish your own goals for writing and strictly follow the plans to achieve those milestones. 

When you are writing and writing your dissertation, it should be your priority. Everything else comes after that. You might have to cut out your hangouts and other parties if you make your dissertation a priority to complete in one year. You can achieve it through dedication.

As professors, sometimes we must push our boundaries harder on students. The only purpose is to make them successful in their respective fields. So they can achieve their goal within the agreed deadline. Dragging your dissertation editing will make them feel like striking your head with nothing. However, editing of dissertation can take a long time. 

Use Dissertation Editing Service 

Now, the dynamics of writing are changed, and many professional editors are working in the market that can help you further in this process. Students often perform research, collect data, and gather all the material into one draft. But editing their raw manuscripts becomes a real deal for them. In some cases, students are managing jobs and their studies, and giving so much time to editing becomes hard on them.

At this time, your professor is already busy with multiple other students. So you need external help to empower your writing abilities without breaching your data. Browse numerous forums that will give you advice on how to edit your thesis in the best possible way. Based on some students’ experience, I have listed some of the UK-based dissertation editing services for you that you avail for editing. So avoid irrelevant shortcuts and use: 


A dissertation is your huge masterpiece of research, not your last. There is no magic recipe for completing your dissertation in a minute with the best editing. Best things take time to happen. I have given you several pieces of advice which you can adapt based on your circumstance. 

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