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The process of bringing a new employee onto the board is always thrilling! For both you and the new employee. How do you ensure that this enthusiasm can be maintained with great experiences and seamless onboarding? The blog in this article, I’ve concentrated specifically on an appointment letter. It is the document you give to the candidate after you’ve selected them for the position.

You can download the letter template to alter it to meet your preferences.

What is an appointment letter?

The appointment letter can be described as an HR letter that you hand out to a person you’ve chosen for a position. The letter is formal letter issued by the company that chosen the candidate. The document confirms the applicant was “appointed” to the job they were applying for.

A contract of employment is another term used to describe this letter.

Typically, after the candidate has completed a successful screening process HR will send them an offer. It is the first piece of paper they receive from their employer. Following that, the employee decides whether or not to accept the offer. The HR or employer could (or might not) discuss on the amount of salary the worker will receive. After settling all the details, HR rolls out the employment contract to the prospective employee. It contains all the confirmed details of the position for the employee.

What is what’s the distinction between appointment letters and offer letters?


Both are both written simultaneously in the life of the employee but the reason for writing them is distinct.

A letter of offer is sent to a candidate who has been selected for the sole purpose of informing them that they’ve been selected for the position.

On the other the other hand, an appointment note is made and sent to the person applying for the job to prove the appointment. It usually contains information about the position. Details such as the title of the job, address, job description the date of joining, pay, the stipend or the package, and so on. (the next section of this blog contains the things you should include).

How do you write an appointment letter for employee? (What should you put in it?)


After we have a better understanding of how to write an employment contract, let’s take a deep dive into the things we need to include in our letter. Let’s take an overview!

  • Start in the process of adding the company’s header
  • A congratulations note for the employee who has been hired.
  • Job title or function
  • Types of employment (full time on probation, part-time, and so on)
  • Job description

When the date for joining. This should also include information regarding the requirements for the candidate to arrive early on the day of their first day (if it is necessary)

Location of the job (Apart from the normal hybrid offline or online work mode, include the geographical place and address of the postal address in the event that the applicant needs to travel to a different area)

It is important to mention the conditions on which the employee was given the job. (In many cases when you hire an unexperienced employee, you’ll want the employee to keep an academic minimum grade until they graduate, and then join the company. There are different conditions that apply when employees are hired. This should be noted here.)

  • The typical working hours
  • Include deadlines and next steps for them.
  • The documents to submit
  • Discuss the possibility of employee being transferred by all
  • The employee’s salary, along with the structure of salary as well as other benefits
  • Additional information like dress code
  • Your email or phone number so that they can get in touch with you in the event of any questions
  • Be sure to sign the letter by putting the seal of the company (as as per the company’s policy)

When is the right time to send an appointment note to an employee?


An appointment letter could write by HR Manager, Team leader or department manager, or by the company’s founder (in the case of smaller businesses).

An appointment letter is normally distributed to the candidate following the acceptance letter.

It is printed on the official letterhead of the company. The standard is that the employer sign the document and keeps one copy for himself or herself, while the employee (newly being accepted as a new candidate) keeps a signed copy for self)

A letter of appointment is typically handed out to the applicant on the first day of their new position.

Dos and Don’ts

Here are some guidelines and don’ts to bear in mind when creating an employment contract.

Make your statements as precise and clear as you can. Do not leave out any essential details to make the candidate think you’re a bit nebulous. Provide as much information as you can, whenever possible, and don’t give any details open for speculation.

The tone of the letter is positive and enthusiastic. Keep in mind that this is an exciting occasion for your prospective candidate.

Be concise and real. Don’t go on go on about how they’ll be doing an amazing job in their new position. Short and concise is the best approach!

Grammatical or linguistic mistakes are absolutely not allowed! There’s nothing more embarrassing than an error or mistake in your essay to show your candidate that you’re not interested.

Do not use language that makes the appointment letter appear like it’s a contract. I’m sure I’ve said that an job contract itself is an legal document and must be formal. However, if you seem formal, it could scare people into thinking that you’re too strict about things that aren’t necessary. Therefore, make it appear friendly.

Don’t forget to include your contact number or email address at the final page of your appointment letter , so that the applicant can contact you should they have any questions or questions.

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